wood fired oven

Never a bad time for pizza

As a member of the PermaPatch community garden the Pizza Oven is available to you to hire for your own function. 

If you're unsure about how it all works, pop by the garden during our Sunday working bees and we'll take you through it. Working bees take place every Sunday from 2pm onwards. 

Also, for some upfront reading and "how to" instructions, please refer to this manual. It also contains all you need to know on how to book the oven for your next pizza party in the garden. 

Not quite convinced yet? Have a look at the tantalizingly yummy pictures below from our previous pizza days.  

Transformation task force PermaBee

It is not often that a Sunday working bee truly transforms the face of the garden. However, last Sunday's (19th April) working bee achieved exactly that.

The upper garden had always been reminiscent of its past life as a car park; and despite luscious private plots it never quite managed to acquire the same cozy feel of the lower garden. So a few months ago, the plan was hatched to cover the bitumen surface with woodchips.

Woodchips would not just be a cosmetic enhancement. They would also help to keep the upper garden cool(er) in summer and encourage beneficial ground and fungal networks to grow. And, all of the energy that is used sweeping the upper garden's surface clean of leaf litter and bark strips could go into proper gardening activities.

How many woodchips does it take for such an endeavor? MOUNTAINS of woodchips! 

 Colin at the summit of Woodchip Mountain

 Colin at the summit of Woodchip Mountain

And of course, it takes people to move the mountains.  Given the scale of the project, we asked Permaculture Sydney North (PSN) to lend us a helping hand and called a special Permabee working bee. This meant instead of our usual afternoon shift of a couple of hours, we started early to make the most of the day.

And things progressed really well! By the time we gathered for late morning tea the mountains had already been eroded to mere speed bumps.

                    Time for morning team - catching up with old friends and making new ones.

                    Time for morning team - catching up with old friends and making new ones.

Not that there we were short of tasks...There is always something to do in the garden. A whole range of activities had been planned and prioritised for the day:

Our impressive project schedule for the day. After number 9 we ran out of white space on the board...

Our impressive project schedule for the day. After number 9 we ran out of white space on the board...

Excitingly, about 400 new seedlings had arrived just in time for the working bee. We received a mix of little lettuces, cabbages, carrots, coriander and several others. So not only would we be able to refill the lettuce pots of the acquaponics, the common beds had been weeded and topped up with compost the Sunday prior - perfectly prepared to provide for the little seedlings. 

Tasks like these cannot be tackled on morning tea alone. Since the early morning we had fired up the pizza oven and served pizzas for lunch. 

We're certainly getting the hang of how to get the pizza oven going, and even used the residual heat for roasting corn cobs and a slow-cooked pork roast. 

Activities continued well into the afternoon, until the wind picked up and temperatures dropped announcing a change in weather. Time to clean up and pack the tools away!  

It had been a wonderful day, - very productive in terms of all the tasks we accomplished. But most importantly, it was really fulfilling to work alongside like-minded people and have a great time turning our garden into an even homelier place. Thank you to everyone involved! 

Pizz'stralia Day

On Sunday 25th of January, we once again took refuge in the garden to get away from the flag waving masses at our Pizz'stralia Day Pizza Feast. What a lovely way to spend this patriotic weekend, amongst our lush garden and and even lusher gardeners! Lots of people came along and brought all sorts of delicious ingredients with them including our ex-president Jonno, who brought some gorgeous fresh dough... 

There were sumptuous salads from the garden and pizzas smothered in forests of basil and tomatoes from the garden.

Happy Pizz'stralia Day!

This was our first big event for the year and it was delicious! The pizza oven is amazing and a great addition to the garden community.

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Progress Report

Who doesn't like pizza? When I eat pizza, I feel as though the chaos of the universe all falls into place; it finally all makes sense, everything is at peace.

It has to be good pizza, ...though everyone has a different idea of what this constitutes. A victim of personal subjectivity, pizza can be a fraught territory, like talking about religion or politics. From the scandalous, yet tasty, Hawaiian, to the purist and minimalist Margherita, even the shape of the pizza can cause conflict among otherwise peace-loving people. 

Cheesy, tomatoey, garlicky, basil-y. Hot and crispy, paper thin, the point of the slice yielding and drooping slightly with lush delicate ripeness. That's how I like mine! Others disagree.

The one thing we CAN all agree on however is that pizza is awesome. 

It's taking shape and is almost finished, our long awaiting dream Wood Fired Pizza and Bread Oven.

Yesterday Andrew and Gary completed the arch and flue for the oven and the final bit of building is this week, when they install the insulating silicone based fire blanket, and render the dome to a fine finish.  The area around the oven will be tiled to provide a clean, washable and smart work surface and then early next week will see a first firing of the oven to put the final cure to the beast.

Soon to follow, an opening event to Christen the Oven. Get your finest pizza dough and sourdough’s underway, there will be a taste test competition for best base, sauciest toppings and best overall pizza chef. Game on!!

Pizza Oven - The Dream Becomes Reality!

Its almost here, our long awaiting dream Wood Fired Pizza and Bread Oven .

Today was a significant step forward with the final delivery of the dome for the Calabrese Courtyard Oven. Now the 3D Jigsaw and build by numbers process has commenced. Go to the website to see how the oven can be crafted to suit .  


Today saw the delivery of the dome which weighs 240kg or so, and location in position on top of the firebricks and insulation board

This lift and location could not have happened by myself and Colin, Jo and Roman, the regular BOB the builders made herculean efforts to lift 1m high into place.

Don’t just wait though, in the next few days we will need to decorate the oven in our unique PermaPatch Style.