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Nourishing Source co-op in Lane Cove sounds delicious!!

My name is Ragna and I run Nourishing Source, an organic, local, sustainable, ethical and affordable co-op/buyers group here in Lane Cove. Our vision is to offer all our members an ethical alternative to the supermarkets, and cover up to 90% of our grocery needs through direct relationships with organic wholesale suppliers!

We currently offer fresh fruit and vegetables, groceries, dry goods, wine, cheese and meat products amongst other things:

Organic Fruit and Vegetables are sourced on a weekly basis from a community farm in Dural where they practice permaculture principles and incorporate organic/biodynamic-farming techniques. Mixed boxes of seasonal fruit & veg come in Small ($35) and Medium ($50) with the option of mini seasonal fruit, or mini seasonal veggies ($20). There is also an Extras List offering Bowan Island Organic Sourdough Bread, additional fruits, vegetables, herbs, eggs, honey etc, to complement your box.

In addition to fruit and veg, our Health and Home range is included in the weekly order. Health and Home has more than 700 items consisting of additional food items, as well as personal care products, cleaning products and natural health products!

Coming up in just over a week (we start our order on the 19th so don’t miss out!) is our bi-monthly Dry Goods order, where we buy a large variety of organic, natural, fair trade, raw, dairy/ gluten free foods such as baking ingredients, cereals, dried fruit, grains, herbs and spices, alternative milk products, nuts, rice, specialty foods, spreads, alternative sweeteners, tea and coffee. In addition to buying directly from a wholesale agent with cheaper prices, we are able to purchase large items in bulk that we then split between us, creating even more savings.

We offer organic/biodynamic, sustainable, grass fed and local Meat products at wholesale and bulk prices. We currently supply biodynamic milk-fed/grass fed veal/beef from Cornucopia Biodynamic Farm in the Hunter Valley for $12/kg, and whole organic, free range chickens from Enviroganic for $10.90/kg.

Finally, we place orders for Organic Cheese and Wines, Organic Olive Oil, and on occasion we order products such as Loving Earth, Frozen Berries, FCLO and Fish 4 Ever etc.

We also enjoy arranging events such as farm tours, workshops etc, with the month of May bringing about an Organic Wine/Cheese tasting and Pecan Harvesting Tour for our 4th birthday celebration!

You can read more about us here:, and like us on FB here

If you have read through the agreements on the website and are ready to sign up, you can do so here: This is our online ordering page and once registered you’ll be on our email list. Please also email to introduce yourself so I know you are a PermaPatch’er :)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our email is 

I would very much look forward to welcoming PermaPatch members on board with us! :)

Kind regards,