first aid

First Aid Kit: A User's Guide.

When you are working in the garden there is so much that can go wrong, you are exposed to pointy, sharp things, scratchy, splintery things, things that can be tripped over, there are things that can bite you or sting you, and of course the ever hotter sun which will burn you. Of course we all try to be sensible… we wear gloves and long sleeves, long socks, trousers and most importantly a hat, but sometimes these things are unavoidable. 

Taking most of these precautions, I myself fell victim to injury in the garden this last Monday. While pulling out weeds from the orchard for the chickens, I managed to give myself the worst possible grass cut! Ouch! Now of course, I should have been wearing gloves, but you know what it's like… you see a task that needs doing and you jump in and start doing it, without a second thought for health or safety… "It's a few harmless weeds…" to your own detriment.

Thank goodness we had a first aid kit in the shed, readily stocked with bandaids (we even have Simpsons bandaids in case the kids end up with a grazed knee!).

When you walk into the shed the first aid kit is straight in front of you in a white cupboard with the internationally recognised red cross symbol and 'FIRST AID' written across it. Next time you are at the garden, pop into the shed and have a look at it, become aware of where it is and what it contains. It is stocked with a regular first aid kit, bandages, antiseptic, scissors, etc but also has some things to help prevent malaise, such as sunscreen and for those that need it topical insect repellent (take it easy with that stuff - since we have the bees living just upstairs!).

So have fun in the garden, but always be safe and know what to do in case of an injury!