Never a bad time for pizza

As a member of the PermaPatch community garden the Pizza Oven is available to you to hire for your own function. 

If you're unsure about how it all works, pop by the garden during our Sunday working bees and we'll take you through it. Working bees take place every Sunday from 2pm onwards. 

Also, for some upfront reading and "how to" instructions, please refer to this manual. It also contains all you need to know on how to book the oven for your next pizza party in the garden. 

Not quite convinced yet? Have a look at the tantalizingly yummy pictures below from our previous pizza days.  

Election Day Fundraiser - The Legend Of The Sausage

It's that time again, you can't open a newspaper or switch on a TV or even answer your phone without somebody talking in a deep, eery voice about the doom each opposing party is promising... Most of us have become quite cynical about our civic duty and the democracy we live in... There is however one shining light in the darkness of our current political landscape... And that is the ubiquitous election day sausage sizzle and cake sale...!! YAY!!!!

Happiness is a warm sausage... 

Happiness is a warm sausage... 

Vote 1 for the cupcake party!

Vote 1 for the cupcake party!

One of our members, Kerry Awia Markey, took these great photos at the 2013 Federal Election fundraiser that we did... Doesn't everything look so delicious? Election day sausage sizzles and cake stall are one of PermaPatch's biggest fundraising opportunities and is a fun day for everyone! There's lots of ways to get involved... bake a cake, a loaf, some cookies or cupcakes, help prep on the Friday from 3:30pm - 6:30pm or help on election day, manning the cake stall or bbq. Come for just an hour or stay all day... every bit of help counts!!

Email us at to let us know how you can help!

Pizz'stralia Day

On Sunday 25th of January, we once again took refuge in the garden to get away from the flag waving masses at our Pizz'stralia Day Pizza Feast. What a lovely way to spend this patriotic weekend, amongst our lush garden and and even lusher gardeners! Lots of people came along and brought all sorts of delicious ingredients with them including our ex-president Jonno, who brought some gorgeous fresh dough... 

There were sumptuous salads from the garden and pizzas smothered in forests of basil and tomatoes from the garden.

Happy Pizz'stralia Day!

This was our first big event for the year and it was delicious! The pizza oven is amazing and a great addition to the garden community.

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Progress Report

Who doesn't like pizza? When I eat pizza, I feel as though the chaos of the universe all falls into place; it finally all makes sense, everything is at peace.

It has to be good pizza, ...though everyone has a different idea of what this constitutes. A victim of personal subjectivity, pizza can be a fraught territory, like talking about religion or politics. From the scandalous, yet tasty, Hawaiian, to the purist and minimalist Margherita, even the shape of the pizza can cause conflict among otherwise peace-loving people. 

Cheesy, tomatoey, garlicky, basil-y. Hot and crispy, paper thin, the point of the slice yielding and drooping slightly with lush delicate ripeness. That's how I like mine! Others disagree.

The one thing we CAN all agree on however is that pizza is awesome. 

It's taking shape and is almost finished, our long awaiting dream Wood Fired Pizza and Bread Oven.

Yesterday Andrew and Gary completed the arch and flue for the oven and the final bit of building is this week, when they install the insulating silicone based fire blanket, and render the dome to a fine finish.  The area around the oven will be tiled to provide a clean, washable and smart work surface and then early next week will see a first firing of the oven to put the final cure to the beast.

Soon to follow, an opening event to Christen the Oven. Get your finest pizza dough and sourdough’s underway, there will be a taste test competition for best base, sauciest toppings and best overall pizza chef. Game on!!

Upcoming Events - Workshops and Open Days

Come along and share some afternoon tea in the gardens on Sunday 4th May between 2 and 4 p.m. International Permaculture Day celebrates sustainable living and gives people a chance to have a look at how others are growing amazing gardens of edibles, without poisons. Other Sydney gardens will be open. Have a look at the International Permaculture website for more information.

Learn more about how to get started with Permaculture at our workshop at the gardens on Sunday 18th May at 2 p.m. Also afternoon tea. See Events page for more information.

Pastralia Day - Australia Day Long Weekend

Over 20 members turned up for our Australia Day Long Weekend celebration.  Gary had prepared a lovely spicy cherry tomato sauce from an earlier harvest of our garden's tomatoes and everybody pigged out on that and lots of scrumptious accompaniments that were shared by all.  More tomatoes were harvested and eaten fresh off the vine.  Everybody present decided it was a great success and should become a tradition from here on in!  Hurrah!