Garden Manager Reports

Garden Manager Report January 2016

1.       Garden Manager report/action

o    I’ve built and placed up on tree a micro-bat box. Micro-bats are very beneficial to any garden as they can kill hundreds of unwanted nasties such as mozzies and cabbage moths. Time will tell if the bats take up residence!


o    Rain water was not being collected too well – investigated and guters were blocked, I got up ladder and unblocked gutters and cleaned debris off roof. Now much better


o    Aquaponics system minor malfunction with fish tank all but empty – I fixed and re-filled c.3,000 litres


o    Shade cloth erected to stop veggies along wall near caravan bed from frying in hot sun. Ditto for caravan bed. Without the shed cloth these beds are not viable, as too hot.


o    Rats are getting into chook feeder every night and so we’re paying for rat feed! Carrying out rat-trapping with Jo (Jo now away for 1 month so offers of help appreciated!).


o    Lower garden tin shed has unfortunately been used as a toilet – so am planning to fit a lock with combination.


o    Continuing to maintain composting system (Aerobins) – proving difficult, even with signs, to get folk to maintain the system. Will endeavor, once again, to improve signage with one larger central info sign.


o    Worm farms – don’t seem to be being tended so have had to maintain these, volunteers needed to look after these worm farms.


o    Organised a work-bee on Sat 16th Jan to try to get through some of needed tasks – e.g cleaning up chook shed, extracting juice and compost from aerobins, adding compost to communal beds, removing old plants, collecting leaves, topping up woodchips and more!

Think that's all

Happy Gardening

Colin Maltman