Meet the Enforcer

Welcome to the garden our latest hi-tech pest deterrent and watering system, the YARD ENFORCER. The Patch committee has researched a unique way to try to manage the damage being caused in the garden by Brush Turkeys. Yes, we would like to do drastic things to them to deter them from scraping and digging up the garden beds, however their protected status means all we can do is try to move them on.

Great internet research by Lian Choo determined a method of using water jets to scare off the birds. This system is infra-red and movement sensing. The Committee purchased three sprinklers and we are now testing the most effective combinations.

The first installation is in the large community garden at the southern end of the garden. Members approaching the area should be aware that any movement within a certain distance will trigger the sprinklers which will respond with a forceful jet of water.

Turkey repellant 3.JPG

So what happens if you want to work on the gardens within range of the sprinklers? You simply turn them off. To do this it is recommended that you approach the area close to the western fence, which runs down the side of Helen Street. The spinklers are attached to the tap along the fence just beyond the circular climbing beanpole plot. If you trip the sprinkler on the way it will spray in a repeat arc. Wait till it finishes and then turn the water supply off. 

Now you can turn the actual enforcers into an off position so more detections do not wear down the batteries. Turn the switch on the side (in the photo above) to the OFF position. All is now safe for whatever you wish to do.

When finished turn the switch on the enforcer to the “ALWAYS” position then return to the tap and turn the water back on. Return the way you came unless you do want a shower.