Micro-bat box

If you are keen eyed you might notice a little box up on the gum tree by the fence separating the garden from the church grave yard. Is it a possum box? - definitely not!

It is in fact a box which micro-bats are meant to find very enticing and so hopefully it will attract some of the little flying mozzie catchers.  On a good day one little bat is meant to be able to catch around 500 mozzies, so here's hoping!

Will the bats come and discover their lovely new home?

Research has been carried out around Lane Cove and reveals that there are populations of micro-bats in Lane Cove National Park and also in Ferndale Creek reserve (pretty close) and also Stringybark Creek - also close. So we just have to hope that some micro scouts detect the box and tell their mates to come and set up home.

For more on how beneficial micro-bats are to gardens check this link-