It's raining again!

Oh, and what a washed-out Easter weekend it was! It seemed the garden's new rain gauge had just gone up in time to measure and confirm the weatherman's forecast of "Sydney will be wettest on Saturday with some suburbs recording above 50mm..." - it read 52mm of rain on Saturday evening. 

The garden's new rain gauge - nice and dry (not for long)

The rain gauge is mounted on one of the tall poles bordering the strawberry plot in the upper garden. You can't miss it when walking along the wall bed towards the caravan.  

There is of course a science behind correctly measuring the amount of rainfall. The Bureau of Meteorology explains the details and how the professionals do it. In the garden, we're interested in getting a better idea of the amount of rain the beds receive. Sydney showers can be quite local, and sometimes a "massive downpour" in one suburb might not mean a lot of rain for the neighbouring one.  It'll hopefully also help our kind watering volunteers to assess whether they need to give the communal beds an extra drop. 

So how do we keep track of the rainfall? Ideally, we'd start each early day with an empty gauge and meticulously check the amount of rain in the gauge at a given time later the same day. Practically speaking though we won't have a rain gauge roster ;-)  As with most things in the community garden, the rain gauge is there for everybody to take measurements. Next time you take a read, why not share it on the white board? Or leave a comment here on the blog? 

We hope you enjoy keeping an eye on the amount of rain the garden gets!