Tree Planting At The Garden

At the end of the celebration of our new aquaponics system, kindly donated by Sumo Salads, Colin and Mandy planted an Angophora at the garden. A small replacement for one of the many trees lost in New South Wales to the Code 10/50. This law was passed last August, ostensibly to help people protect their property from bushfire, but misused in the city by people who want to chop down beautiful old trees in their gardens, blocking views, or dropping leaves on lawns or in swimming pools. Join in the 'Stop the Chop' campaign that has seen around 80 organisations such as Nature Conservation Council band together to get this law repealed before any more of Sydney's precious tree canopy is lost. Begin by writing to Minister Ayres, The Premier, and your local MP (a short email will do) asking them to help get this law repealed. 

If you want to join in and do something more, email