Hydroponics Launch

We finally officially launched the hydroponics system last weekend and invited some of our sponsors, Sumo Salad and HydroMasta, over to help get the party started! Sumo Salad in conjunction with HydroMasta, have been instrumental in the creation and upkeep of our hydroponics system, so it was nice to be able to show them how much we appreciate their goodwill and dollars by feeding them copious amounts of pizza, fresh from our popular wood-fired pizza oven!

To officialise and value pack the day we asked Trevor from HydroMasta and our very own member Anthony to share their knowledge with the group about the various systems we have running and plan to run in the future.

Trevor clued us all in to all the benefits of hydroponics systems and how it works. The system is looking so great, so lush with healthy and fresh salad greens! Thanks to Sumo Salad and HydroMasta for keeping it so well stocked!

Anthony, our original in-house aquaponics expert, followed with a talk about how we plan to incorporate fish into the system in the near future and how the fish supply the plants with nutrients. We have plans to convert the lower hydroponics bed to an aquaponics system, complete with our very own silver perch tank! In the future we will even be able to fish out the perch to eat ourselves! Anthony brought along a book for our members and guests to have a look at called Aquaponics in Australia which has loads more information.

Luke Bayliss, the owner of Sumo Salad, made time in his busy schedule to come see how our garden grows and explain his vision for rooftop gardens spread right through every wasted skyscraper and high-rise in the city. So great to see corporations putting their money where their mouth is and doing so much positive stuff for the community. Luke brought his family down for the day and his kids had a great time kicking around and exploring the garden!

All in all, it was a fabulous day, jam-packed with good food and good people and we hope everyone left feeling like they had learned a little about this new and big part of our garden and the people involved in it!

A special THANKS to Mark who was slaving over a hot wood fired oven for most of the day, despite the fact it was his BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday Mark!!!