Honey Bottling!

My very first trip down to PermaPatch was last year on honey bottling day!  It was held at the end of the month on an Open Day and there were about 15 people who attended the garden to help. It was pretty amazing to process a product made in the garden, knowing it was all being done by hand, by a community of people who were connected with their local environment and the food they eat...  and that this was all happening right across the road from where I live made me quite giddy!

There are so many health benefits to eating locally produced honey, not least of all that it reduces the severity of any pollen allergies.

The great news is that Honey Bottling Day is back!  And this time we are ramping up the excitement by having delicious honey laden pikelets to feed and energise the hard workers of the bottling production line!  

You can also buy a bottle of honey on the day! Sunday March 16 from 2 - 5pm.