A Letter From The President

Dear members,

I’m writing to introduce myself as the recently-elected President of PermaPatch Community Garden at Lane Cove.

This year we have a big, dynamic executive committee, with previous and new members as follows:

Vice President - Gary Heslin  

Secretary - Jacqui Booth

Treasurer - Nick Duffy

Garden Manager - Colin Maltman

Membership Secretary - Pauline McLoughlin

Kim Greenway

Roman Ciurpita

Lizette Lee

Christian Ehnis

Jono Ladmore


We are very pleased and proud of the garden’s development and members’ involvement so far and hoping for even better things in 2014. There are plans to re-introduce workshops at the garden, to assist members with becoming better acquainted with soil and sustainable concepts in general. Growing and cooking will be in the spotlight and also what to do about those pesky pests and diseases. Please let myself or a committee member know what you would like to learn about and we’ll try to get a workshop going on the topic. We have already begun with our “How Can I Get Started” introduction to the garden which was a lot of fun and included a great afternoon tea – always our focus!

Our new website is up and running, wi.  If you have any feedback please let us know either by email permapatch@permapatch.org.au or via the website www.permapatch.org.au

Kim is also preparing a regular newsletter/bulletin for members.

It’s so great to see new members joining all the time and making this garden the community hub we want it to be. As David Suzuki always says “if you want to change the world, start local”. And Peter Rutherford with his ‘Ecology’ definition, “Eco” – care of the environment and “Logos” - the place where you are = care for the place where YOU are.

Projects going ahead this year include the new aquaponics system; a poly tunnel for growing seedlings; mapping of the garden; bottling the honey; solar lighting; pizza oven; more plantings and; improving signage around the garden.

We’d love to hear from you regarding the following:

  • Which fruit trees etc would like to see in the new, very sunny border?
  • If anyone has a source of shredded paper for composting, that would be most helpful.
  • Skills or services – for example:
  • Would you like to be a member of a sub-committee around publicity; education etc?
  • Would you like to help run a workshop or present part of a workshop (with assistance)?

Enjoy a lovely autumn in the garden and I hope to see you all up there soon when I return from overseas, towards the end of March.

Thanks everyone for helping to make our garden such a success.

Cheers, Mandy

Mandy Stubbs


PermaPatch Community Garden, Lane Cove

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