Honey for sale
$8 per jar for members

$10 per jar for non-members

On Sunday 16th March we bottled the very rare, very delicious PermaPatch honey.  We were rewarded with 84 jars of the gorgeous gold liquid, which is now for sale to members for $8 per jar & non-members for $10 per jar.

You may purchase the honey on any of the upcoming weekends in the garden or by using the honesty system & collecting some from the shed. The honey is in a box marked "honey" - please try & bring the right change so that it makes it easy for everyone & please, no IOU's.

We ask that if you are intending to on-sell the honey to friends, family, work colleagues that it is sold for $10. That way we can maintain our exclusive member's price for this precious nectar.

Our honey is rare, we have only had the one batch per year since we've had the bees at PermPatch, so it is very special to us.  Enjoy it while it lasts!