Bee-ware! Angry Bees

Could everyone please take great care at the community garden at the moment, as the bees are annoyed about something (possibly about having 60kg of honey removed!) and have stung two people this week. If you go up to the garden and a bee flies around your head, PLEASE LEAVE AT ONCE, as it will try to sting your face. Brightly coloured clothing and hats can aggravate them more. Hopefully they will settle down soon, or they will have to be removed. If you get stung, think about taking an anti-histamine tablet as soon as possible (if you are not badly affected by the tablets), to avoid swelling. Please go to the doctor if it doesn't settle down. Stingose seems to help the immediate pain of the sting.

Hopefully, we will have some honey jarred-up soon for sale, to ease the pain too!