Thank You From Mandy To Everyone Who Visited Her Open Garden

Apologies for not getting to this earlier in the week, but am sure you can imagine how busy it has all been. Also very hard to think straight since last weekend, with another five giant eucalypts coming down in this street this week. Please email or ring Minister Ayres office and we can get a moratorium on this madness. The Code 10/50 has been altered twice already due to public pressure. Not enough yet – but we can do it.

Anyway – to happier things – the Open Garden was wonderful, mostly thanks to your fantastic help. We had folk from Permaculture Willoughby/Lane Cove, from PermaPatch, and friends in general, Marg giving a talk to people on fermented foods about which they couldn’t seem to get enough; Trish Meagher coming from Narara to give us a great talk, and Barb even coming from Berry to stay and help for the lead-up and duration and working tirelessly! What a great job you all did, cheerfully slaving away in the heat -  greeting people on the gate; giving talks; selling tea, cake, cordial, jams, powders and plants; telling people about Permaculture, PermaPatch, the 10/50 and anything else they wanted to talk about. I learnt more information than I gave out as usual I think. What a great team you were!

Saturday was a bit light on with visitors, but Sunday saw around 100 through and so I think more than 180 people altogether visited the garden in all over the weekend, including helpers and friends. Sunday not as hot as we feared with a nice breeze and a very good vibe, which included some African drumming from Ethel – lovely.

Fantastic fun – but I am definitely NEVER doing it again!!

So nice to get my garden back and be able to pick ‘Big Boy’ the giant apple cucumber, who went into a salad yesterday and with yoghurt to accompany a curry today. Also quite a few tomatoes coming on and a big zucchini, plus all the fuchsias opening and the huge artichoke flowering, now there is nobody else to see them!!

Has taken awhile to work out the percentages, but it seems we have made around $1015 for the community garden and over $600 for the Open Gardens Australia scheme, with plants and marmalades still to sell at the PermaPatch AGM and at Permaculture North Christmas party, and a few more dollars there.

So a big pat on the back for all and can’t thank you enough for making it do-able and fun.


Mandy's Open Garden 2014 128.jpg