ChristPizzaMas - The Post Report

AT LAST the fire is burning!!

After the AGM we fired up the Oven for its official christening. The first pizzas were eagerly awaited and all members present had the opportunity to design their own pizza and cook it among the glowing embers of our gorgeous new wood fired pizza oven. A complete success and some very, very tasty pizzas were consumed. There was a great deal of excitement with a few glasses of Celebratory Shiraz at this First Firing. This was the culmination of months of hard effort, with superb contributions from Roman, Andrew, Colin and the ever present and popular Joe. The whole project was led by Gary, who selected and designed the final location, setting and colour scheme.

As usual these guys go above and beyond, and put in many hours of literally back breaking work, so that we may enjoy a bigger and better garden. We owe them much gratitude and pizza! HUZZAH!

  We all need dough from time to time...  Oxley kneading dough.

We all need dough from time to time... Oxley kneading dough.

Thanks to Gary and Roman for their help with this post!