Trees... Where are they all going?

A little off topic, but close to all our hearts, is the 10/50 code, which is seeing large scale removal of trees in the Lane Cove area. Here is some information to help you get involved in the campaign to stop the clearing!

-        If you are on Facebook, post a comment on the Rural Fire Service Facebook page

-        Send an email to Minister Ayres ( )- this is very important as we have informal information that the Minister is not receiving that many complaints about Code 10/50.

-        Send a short letter to a local or state newspaper.

-        Put in a submission to Code 10/50 before 14 November- see below email, with link to submission guide, from the Nature Conservation Council of NSW sent today.

The pressure is mounting on the Baird Government over the 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Code of Practice (the Code) which is seeing thousands of trees cut down across Sydney and the state. Due to the public outcry the government has announced a review of the Code. Please see our submission guide to help you and your organisation to make a submission by November 14.

It is vital that there is an immediate moratorium on the application of the Code until the review is completed. Please consider adding this request to your submission.

 Submissions are to be emailed to by the 14 November 2014. Please copy your submission to Environment Minister, Rob Stokes ( and Emergency Services Minister, Stuart Ayres (

 This tree no longer exists...

This tree no longer exists...

Our president, Mandy, has written a letter to Anthony Roberts, Lane Cove's state member, on behalf of the garden as an organisation.


The Hon. Anthony Roberts, MP

Member for Lane Cove

Level 3 Suite 302

230 Victoria Road GLADESVILLE NSW 2111


4th November 2014


Dear Mr Roberts

Re: 10/50 Vegetation Clearing

I write as President of PermaPatch, on behalf of the committee of the established community garden in Lane Cove. The garden has 40 members who are interested in the environment and feel it is vital to their lives to be surrounded by trees and plants. Much work has been done by us to green our suburb and by local community groups previously to keep our Lane Cove remnant bushland and green character intact. However, the 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Code of Practice (the 10/50 Code) introduced by your Government threatens to undo much of this work.

Like a number of other metropolitan Council areas, it appears that most of the Lane Cove municipality has been included in the Code 10/50 mapping, including suburban streets that are well away from any bushland reserve and associated fire threat.

The Lane Cove municipality has extensive views to Sydney Harbour and already there are reports of homeowners removing mature trees in order to improve their views, some of which I have seen. This practice can only spread more widely once knowledge of the 10/50 Code grows.

Apparently, there is no scientific evidence supporting the theory that heavy vegetation clearing, as promoted by the 10/50 Code, is effective in preventing houses from burning down as a result of bushfire. Fires are mainly fanned by embers that can start fires hundreds of metres ahead of the main fire front.

We are extremely concerned about the impacts of the Code 10/50 on the environment in Lane Cove and beyond and wonder if adequate assessment of these environmental impacts occurred before the 10/50 Code came into force. The more recent amendment to the Code has apparently done nothing to stop the carnage. We have listened to constant chain-sawing and chipping in the area every week-day for the last three weeks and know of hundreds of trees, some 150 years old, that have been cut down in residents’ gardens.

Would you please assist in obtaining the urgent suspension of the 10/50 Code until proper assessment of the likely environment impacts associated with it has been conducted and before any more damage is done to our beautiful city.

Thanks for your kind help in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Mandy Stubbs


Permapatch - Lane Cove Community Garden