Onion Weed - Delicious!

Out on the banks of our adjoining carpark (affectionately called 'the orchard'), we have a bit of an overgrowth of weeds. You will find all of the usual suspects, Wandering Dew, Ashma Weed, Chickweed, various types of grasses, and of course, everyone's least favourite...  ONION WEED.

That incredibly-hard-to-remove bulb multiplies underground, and also has exploding seed heads that broadcast it's pervasive evilness far and wide. They are so hard to remove that I notice many gardeners throw up their white flag and just give in, letting them take over.

Well, the news is that it's not all bad news! I knew the chickens loved it, as they do Wandering Dew and a multitude of other pesky weeds, but what I didn't know is that humans can eat it too! This was brought to my attention by our members Lian-Choo and Gary, who sent me this handy webpage that has a lot of info on the plant.


Another thing, I have admired the really lovely scent of Onion Weed flowers (a heady perfume, akin to jasmine), and if you pick the flowers while they are in bloom, they not only can make a delightful posy but you are also stopping them from seeding. A win win!