Mondays - New Open Day


This is very good news for me, because Sundays are always a struggle to get down to the garden. Usually there is some family or friend having a get together, or there is some other once in a lifetime event like a concert ,or sometimes we are just not even in the country or state, and to be totally honest, some Sundays there is nothing more important to do than to lie in bed and read the paper and doze off after a long week!

Traditionally PermaPatch has had Sundays as it's Open Day, and that's the day we have encouraged our members to come down and enjoy some good old fashioned hard work, or even just a little potter, have a cup of tea, harvest some kale or snowpeas or whatever is in season and be a part of the community that is the garden... But we have found that there are many people, like me, who simply fail at Sundays!

So, we have invented Monday! 

And you are all invited...!!  From around 9:30am - 12pm every Monday, starting this Monday, October 27th.

If you’d like to join in, let Mandy know, or just turn up!

If you’ve got anything handy, bring cake or something to share for morning tea and we’ll get a brew going. If you’re not feeling very lively come anyway... you can just be the ‘tea lady’!

We have a new member as of today and she is going to come along too – Tracy.

It should be a nice relaxed time for a gossip and to generate some new ideas – not too much hard work, depending on how you feel!

We piloted this a few weeks back, and lots of great people turned up to do great things!

 Me, Claire, Helen, Mandy and Wendy were guinea pigs for the Monday experiment!

Me, Claire, Helen, Mandy and Wendy were guinea pigs for the Monday experiment!

Sundays will always be the main Open Day, but for those of us who find it hard to get to the garden on the weekend! Finally a solution!

See you there!